Text Box: “Provide the best quality workmanship you possibly can and always leave the customer feeling they received more than they bargained for.”  Juan Gomez

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· Asphalt Design is a non union earthwork and paving contractor located in Fresno, CA.

· We provide earthwork and paving services to general contractors, home owners and everyone in between.

· Experience - Juan Gomez has been in the asphalt industry for over 30 years. Juan and his crew of expert operators and laborers have been together for over 10 years.

· We’ve worked on freeways, roads, shopping centers and housing developments.

· Affiliations - Small Business Certified (SB) and Disadvantaged Business Certified (DBE). California Employers Association, TLC Safety Consultants, Central California Builders Exchange & The Blue Book of Building and Construction.

· Available Resources - We own over 20 major pieces of earthwork and paving equipment.

· Scope of Service - Public Projects, Private Developments and Project Management.

· Current Jobs in Progress - 15

· Current Law Suits - 0

· Juan Gomez, works in the field and on the jobs. He is onsite to ensure that any service we provide is done to the highest standard.

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Asphalt Design Company Logo

Full Service Earthwork and Paving Contractor.

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By Juan Gomez